Sports builds an Individual.
Sports builds a Community.
Sports builds a Society.
Sports builds a TRYBE.

Sports builds an Individual.
Sports builds a Community.
Sports builds a Society.
Sports builds a TRYBE.

Ethos of a closely knit group with a common goal
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When one started hosting a fantasy game for a small but devoted gang of fellow sport fanatics 13 years back – catalyst of which was an audacious movement in a sport worshipped by over a billion people (yes, you read that write – A BILLION!) – somehow deep inside I prayed that the model clicked not because of some superficial reasons but purely on account of turning this into an annual affair which this gang could look forward to every Indian summer.

Here we are….

After 13 seasons of that movement (Indian Premier League) which is now valued at USD 4.4 billion (drop of 22% from previous year due to Covid), the same group which has now grown to double the size is deeply entrenched into the aforementioned fantasy game.

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Then why….

As a host would one want to challenge the status quo, change an established format which seemed to be enjoyed by everyone so cordially.

Reasons could be manifold :

  1. Cut down on the manual work
  2. Grow the group count by keeping a cap to the maximum loss per person (something which was shared as a feedback couple of years back)
  3. Introducing other facets to the already established format to make it more stimulating
  4. Transition into a more strategic based format rather than luck based
  5. To keep the group members (located in diverse geographies) more engaged with more content to up their banter game

Moving on…

The group just concluded playing in the new format covering the most enthralling series ever played by an Indian Cricket team overseas (Millions of blogs have already been published on that saga and many more to come.) As the product owner, it was only natural to take feedback from the users as there were already murmurs, while the AUS v IND series was unfolding, that a small faction was finding the format dull.

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My first reaction…

Really? How can you not find such a format compelling? On more soul-searching one night (with the help of Balvenie and an ordinary performance by Liverpool), it became evidently clear that the introduction of the new format was not executed well. Communication was not the strongest. Rules were not well drafted. The precious feedback is still flowing in but the essence of it has been captured in the most positive way.

As we approach the 14th season of IPL and another potentially engaging series before that against “The Poms”(Aussies coined this term for English immigrants with rosy cheeks which resembled a pomegranate), it should be a good run heading into the next 4-5 months and beyond for a group I hope grows in size to

Let’s chug along!

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